How would you rate the productivity of your internal and external labor? Could it be better?

Technology, automation, and innovation are redefining how we acquire, manage, and operate space in the commercial real estate sector. All while a global pandemic is changing how (and where) we work and share space. It has never been more challenging to be a CRE or facilities professional. Yet even the worst crises can create opportunities. We spoke to leading CRE experts to understand how they see technology can help your organization:

• Build flexibility and resilience into your corporate real estate strategy

• Automate work order management to keep employees safer and more comfortable

• Improve availability of data and transparency across your real estate portfolio

• Adopt agile space planning and hardware innovations to increase employee productivity and collaboration while adhering to (and enforcing) changes in physical distancing guidelines

• Get to conclusions faster to inform commercial decisions which have a material effect on profitability

If you need to integrate a technology overlay into your operations or a genuine data strategy to future proof your business, feel free to get in touch for an initial chat.