Take your asset operations into the future

AdOPT AI autonomously delivers better, more accurate and understandable reporting which enables efficient asset management and a reduction in resources and costs. AdOPT AI revolutionises future maintenance contract letting which will result in structural changes to current management practices.

Control and own your asset information

AdOPT AI allows you to implement an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and takes away discreet information currently controlled by third parties. Unlike current industry standard practices it allows the streamlining of all systems and data.

Mitigate risks

Through Real Time autonomous reporting and advice it soon becomes clear that there is no longer a need for a second layer of human labour, which means that the risks of time delays and human error are drastically minimised. Artificial Intelligence (AI) unemotionally delivers machine memory, pattern recognition and compound knowledge that the human brain simply cannot match.

Re align stakeholder interests

AdOPT AI aligns the interests of both owners and operators. The future structuring of 3rd party contracts will allow owners and operators to better manage and control their assets over the long term to deliver optimal outcomes.

Reduce operational and capital expenditure costs

AdOPT AI facilitates operational cost savings directly via reduced human resources, commercially efficient maintenance contracts, better preventative maintenance practices, increased sustainability scores and reduced energy costs. AdOPT AI also facilitates cost savings indirectly through accurate long-term capital expenditure budgeting and improved longevity of capital items.


AdOpt AI application screen
AdOpt AI application screen
AdOpt AI application screen
AdOpt AI application screen

AdOPT is a revolutionary enterprise technology that is seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into applications across industrial assets. Based on AI and machine learning, AdOPT’S role within your organisation is to show you the powerful insights that are being captured by your systems data and then augmenting them so that your team can make decisions that will have a powerful and positive impact on your business.

AdOPT helps companies from various industries including renewables, real-estate, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality and utilities to optimise their operations for enhanced labour productivity, energy savings, risk mitigation, ESG compliance and improved sustainability.

AdOPT streamlines all information systems and data to make it easier for management to control transparency and accountability. AdOPT can be plugged in, either physically or virtually, to existing systems. Then, using a cloud-based system and proprietary algorithms, your virtual data scientist will start deciphering and reporting in real time to you any problems that require action.

With the help of AdOPT, asset owners can implement best practices in the management and operation of their facilities smoothly and in an optimised way that cannot be achieved by manual processes.

Get a better understanding of AdOPT AI’s benefits by reading some of our case studies.

Case studies

Easy & secure integration.

AdOpt AI integration diagram

AdOPT AI brings together disparate data from diverse platforms with no need for major adaptation to current infrastructure. Being a cloud driven software, AdOPT AI integrates with most hardware data systems such as BMS or SCADA and high level protocols such as TCP/IP or SQL without the need for capital expenditure on new systems and infrastructure.

Security is an imperative feature of AdOPT AI. By using Microsoft’s Azure cloud, security firewalls and encrypted data packages, unauthorised access to data is prevented and information remains secure.

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Flexible & future proof

Flexible & future proof

Never miss a critical fault notification - with your AdOPT AI App for smartphones (OSX and Android) you can easily check the status of the system and receive live notifications directly to your smartphone.

AdOPT AI’s platform has unlimited data capacity. The generalist nature of the algorithms enables the software to process any type of data. This alleviates the need for additional platforms in the future, sending all future operational data and applications embedded into your portfolio to the one common cloud source for AdOPT AI’s algorithms to provide useful insights.