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Welcome to Adopt AI – Your Trusted AI Solutions Provider in Australia

At Adopt AI, we bring cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to transform the way businesses manage their operations. As your dedicated AI solutions provider, we specialize in AI strategy consulting and AI software development and offer an innovative AI diagnostic tool to optimize your processes effectively.

Revolutionizing Industries with AI Expertise

Our revolutionary enterprise technology seamlessly integrates AI into applications across various industrial assets. Adopting AI enables firms to increase labor efficiency, realize energy savings, manage risks, assure ESG compliance, and promote sustainability across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, renewable energy, and real estate.


Services and Solutions



AI Solutions Provider:

 At Adopt AI, we redefine the way businesses operate by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As your go-to source for AI solutions, we craft creative solutions that precisely address the needs of your sector. Our goal is to equip you with the newest AI innovations to maximize your productivity and efficiency as a whole.

AI Strategy Consulting:

 Our team of seasoned AI experts in Australia goes beyond providing solutions – we offer strategic insights to shape your AI journey. We work together with you to match AI technology with your company objectives through our AI strategy consulting services. We work together to develop a plan that will guarantee steady growth and a competitive advantage for your business.

Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Tool:

 Experience the future of diagnostics with our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence diagnostic tool. Use AI’s diagnostic tool to gain valuable insights into the data of your system by utilizing machine learning. Autonomously identify and resolve issues to guarantee the smooth functioning of your resources.

AI Software Development Australia:

 As a leading force in AI software development Australia, Adopt AI brings you customized solutions designed for the unique demands of the Australian market. Our talented development team creates AI software that complements your company goals and gives you a competitive advantage.

AI Optimization Solutions:

 Optimize your operations with Adopt AI’s optimization solutions. Our state-of-the-art technologies surpass conventional automation, offering you solutions that improve productivity, save expenses, and raise overall performance. Utilize our cutting-edge method for AI optimization to stay ahead of the curve.

Business Automation with AI:

 Embrace the future of business automation with AI. Our solutions save manual labour and human error by streamlining your workflows and operations. Gain more efficiency and production as your company transitions to a more automated future.


Machine Learning Solutions Australia:

Stay at the forefront of technological innovation with our machine learning solutions tailored for the Australian landscape. With the help of our machine learning expertise, you can provide your company with a competitive edge by utilizing the potential of predictive analytics and data-driven insights.

AI Experts in Australia:

 When you choose Adopt AI, you partner with a team of AI experts dedicated to your success. We guarantee that your AI journey is directed by experts in the field thanks to our extensive expertise and experience.

Why Choose Adopt AI

Easy & Secure Integration:

  • Adopt AI into your current systems seamlessly; no significant changes are needed.
  • Microsoft’s Azure cloud, firewalls, and encrypted data packages are good ways to ensure security.

Flexible & Future-Proof:

  • With our user-friendly smartphone app, you can receive real-time notifications and never miss a vital issue warning.
  • With our flexible platform, you can future-proof your operations and enjoy infinite data capacity.


AdOPT AI utilises your portfolio’s data to more effectively manage your bottom line. These benefits will be displayed visually through a real-time dashboard.


With AdOPT AI you can benefit from:

  • Enhance your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) outcomes
  • Optimise you operations with more accurate maintenance
  • Reduced Capex spending
  • Improved NABERS, WELL & Green Star ratings
  • Mitigate human error risk
  • Less human resources including contractors and consultants
  • Better equipment health & sustainability
  • An IoT strategy to control your data
  • Reduced carbon emissions

Core Features

Autonomous fault detection & diagnostics

  1. AdOPT AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) diagnostic tool that plugs in, either physically or virtually, to existing systems. Using a cloud-based system and proprietary algorithms, complex problems are deciphered and reported in real time. AdOPT AI significantly improves operational productivity and asset output. This technology greatly assists engineers and asset managers by interpreting large quantities of data to present prioritised actionable insights for teams to perform their roles more accurately and efficiently .

Autonomous energy optimisation advice

  1. The AdOPT AI algorithms can formulate optimal performance strategies for your assets and deliver updated advice regularly throughout the asset lifecycle.

Integrated digital workflow

AdOPT AI’s proprietary workflow application allows your organisation to streamline, automate and measure workflows. It can co-ordinate and interface with existing CMMS to optimise workflow so that manual work orders, approvals and measurement can be automated. This enables managers to focus on the important decisions which ultimately affect the bottom line.

Autonomous reporting

AdOPT AI utilises Artificial Intelligence and Real Time Reporting to empower commercial decision makers with understandable engineering information. Commercial managers can make building operation decisions with confidence in both inputs and outputs.

Unlimited data capacity

AdOPT AI’s framework has unlimited data capacity. The generalist nature of the algorithms enables the software to process any type of data into concise and understandable facts. With the application of domain knowledge and machine learning, outcomes can be customised to deliver outcomes.

Real time alerts and accurate insight

  1. AdOPT AI restricts the human intervention and subjectivity in deciphering data, and proactively, objectively and transparently manages building maintenance via Artificial Intelligence technology.

Case studies

  1. AdOPT Case Study –  Sydney Commercial Building – 27,000 sqm
    AdOPT Case Study –  Melbourne Commercial Building – 40,000 sqm
Case studies

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Numerous industries, such as renewable energy, real estate, manufacturing, logistics, hotels, and utilities, are served by our AI solutions. We tailor our services to each sector's unique possibilities and difficulties.

Our AI diagnostic tool automatically finds and diagnoses ‘root cause’ problems in real time, going beyond traditional diagnostics. By doing this, you can be confident that your assets run well, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Certainly, our AI software development services may be customized to meet the specific needs of your company and are meant to be flexible. We collaborate closely with you to guarantee a tailored and smooth integration process from conception to execution.

Adopt AI's optimization solutions will increase overall efficiency while automating procedures. Our creative techniques and streamlined procedures help businesses develop sustainably while reducing costs significantly.


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Adopt AI is not just a service; it’s a commitment to transforming your business. We warmly encourage you to investigate the potential of AI integration as your go-to AI partner. Reach out to us today, and let’s embark on a journey toward a future defined by innovation, efficiency, and success.