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What rules does AdOPT AI use?

We started with 500 rules similar to our competition, but with the help of machine learning we now have over 8,000 rules, which leads to more accurate and granular advice on your operations.

Is AdOPT AI the same as Skyspark, Copper Tree and CIM Enviro?

No, we are uniquely different as we have a framework which incorporates Artificial intelligence and machine learning to allow our algorithms to perform tasks like fault detection and operations advice in an autonomous way. This allows for data driven decisions versus human driven decisions so management can use this information to be confident, nimble and efficient.

Can AdOPT AI help reduce energy costs?

AdOPT AI’s unique use of Artificial Intelligence allows building energy use to be monitored and adjusted to efficiently meet requirements. Depending on the building size, age and management energy costs can often be reduced 10-20%.

How is AdOPT AI different?

AdOPT AI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse data automatically and offer real time fault detection and diagnosis in plain language. The AI can then arrange actions in order of priority and deliver meaningful measurements and insights to management. AdOPT AI can prioritise information to focus on important measures which saves energy, improves equipment performance, reduces capital costs, leads to proactive maintenance, reduces contractors fees, eliminates key personnel risk and reduce the need for consultants.

Can AdOPT AI help with real time NABERS Tracking

Yes, we have a tool which can track your NABERS score in real time and make suggestions on improvements to help you get your NABERS score higher. No more surprises at the end of the year when it’s audit time!

Where can AdOPT AI save money?

With Artificial Intelligence AdOPT AI is able to automatically complete human driven tasks to identify root causes of faults and operations inadequacies in Real Time. This in turn can be applied across multiple buildings in a portfolio. We save money on Energy use, labour & equipment damage. Labour is the largest saving due to the AI doing the job of what is currently taken care of by humans. There is currently huge amounts of time wasted throughout the asset management vertical due to a lack of transparency and the manual nature of building servicing.

Can AdOPT AI connect to a lot of buildings quickly?

Yes, we can scale the product quickly, as long as we have the relevant access and information for each building.

What’s the best building to use AdOPT AI software?

It can be used on any building, although as a big data software, buildings from 10,000 square meters and above and particularly larger portfolio’s of buildings with lots of labour servicing these, its where the best overall savings can be achieved.

Is AdOPT AI Real time?

Yes, data pulses through the BMS and EMS typically every 5 minutes. AdOPT AI creates diagnosis in real time based on this data.

Where is AdOPT AI data stored?

It’s stored in Azure (Microsoft) cloud

Can AdOPT AI tell us if sensors and smart meters are not working?

Yes, the AdOPT AI platform can audit sensors and smart meters in real time, as well as equipment. With enough data it can advise you how to optimise the assets operations tomorrow based on the weather too!

Does AdOPT AI have a work order system which can be used autonomously or integrated into an existing CMMS?

Yes, the AdOPT AI platform has its own proprietary work order system which can be used autonomously or integrated into your CMMS.

Can AdOPT AI analyse other data like people movement, lifts, lights etc?

Yes, the AdOPT AI platform can analyse any type of data as its algorithms are generalist in nature. For new equipment or data it will take a few months for the networks to be trained so that the outcomes and advice produce are accurate for the client and management who rely on AdOPT AI.

Can AdOPT AI have various logins to enable a variety of people to login?

Yes, AdOPT AI is a cloud based IoT (Internet of Things) platform. Anyone with access can log in any time, anywhere to access real time information about the asset or portfolio.

How can AdOPT AI assist with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are an increasingly popular way for investors to evaluate companies in which they might want to invest. Many mutual funds, brokerage firms, and robo-advisors now offer products that employ ESG criteria.

AdOPT AI can help reduce environmental impacts and mitigate risks across certain parts of the business portfolio.

Can AdOPT AI customise the platform to suit needs?

Yes, based on the data available for the existing systems, AdOPT AI outputs, reports, features and dashboards can be customised. You may also choose to manipulate the amount of information each login access can see.

Can AdOPT AI customise the reports which can be produced?

Yes, you can customise the type of report and the timing on when these reports are produced. You can also dictate how you receive these reports, either viewed via the platform login or pushed to pre-assigned email addresses. These reports may in some cases also be customised to send to relevant tenants to inform them of things like energy savings, NABERS ratings etc

Is AdOPT AI data and system safe?

We access the data in a read only way, there will be no impact to the programming of the BMS or EMS as we’ll never write values. AdOPT AI server accesses the data via a broadcast mechanism with no interruption to the BMS operation. The platform is protected by an account and password authentication process, and it will send encrypted data packages preventing unauthorized access. Data transfer security is enhanced by both the fire wall deploying to AdOPT AI server and applying a 4G dongle which uses dynamic IP address.

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