AdOPT AI allows you to be in control

Autonomous analysis and reporting of information

AI changes the way building information systems will be managed in the future

AdOPT AI is reconfiguring the management of buildings

Independent and non-conflicted

Take building operations into the future

It delivers more transparent, accurate and understandable reporting which enables more efficient asset management and a reduction in resources and costs. Maintenance contract letting and management practices will undergo a massive structural change.

The end result will be better managed and more sustainably operated buildings, putting the interests of the owners and tenants ahead of third parties

Control and own your building data

AdOPT AI allows you to implement an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and takes away discreet information that is currently controlled by third parties. Realignment of owner and occupier as opposed to having information controlled and managed by third parties.

Introduce real time interpretation and reporting

Current Industry standard engineering and maintenance practices are inefficient, prone to error and costly. 

This is because they are currently reliant upon multiple and mutually exclusive non Artificial Intelligence systems which require human co-ordination, evaluation and action. 

AdOPT AI changes the way information is collected and reported to commercial managers. The practical use of Artificial Intelligence disrupts and inverts the structure of how maintenance contracts will be let and managed in the future. It will permit eradication of conflicts of interests with contractors / consultants and align the building owners’ and tenants’ interests ahead of other third parties.

Re align stakeholder interests

AdOPT AI aligns the interests of both owners and occupiers by reducing the operating expenses of commercial buildings. AdOPT AI is revolutionising building management in an automated, efficient and cost effective diagnostic tool.

Mitigate risks

Through Real Time reporting and advice there is no need for a second layer of humans Take control of your engineering information through the simplified Real Time reporting outputs of AdOPT AI which transforms the collection and control of engineering information whilst reducing labour costs but also proactively identifies maintenance requirements.